Friday, July 18, 2008

Indian wedding vegetarians

I attended a friend's wedding last weekend. She is a Chinese Indian and married to an Indian husband. The beautiful wedding ceremony was held in one of the Hindu temples in town. The ceremony last for 2 hours and we were served with Indian style vegetarian buffet.

I would like to mention about this buffet because I still can't forget the taste of it. This vegetarian buffet served all vegetarian foods consist of vegetarian fish curry, vegetarian mutton curry, vegetarian chicken curry, potatoes in curry and many more. As curry is the main dish and very famous in our Indian food culture, it is very normal that they served curry in most of the dishes. Curry was cooked using many types of spices, different curry has different spices in it. The texture of the curry was very smooth, taste really delicious and not very spicy that night. This will suit the taste of most of the guests as some people might not able to take very spicy food. I love the potatoes so much when blend with the curry, I think they braised the potatoes with the curry and the curry taste all been absorb into the potatoes.

You must be thinking why vegetarian foods have fish, mutton and all kinds of meat there. In our country, it is very normal the find vegetarian meats. The ingredients of the meat are actually made of all the vegetarian eg. mushroom, beans, nuts, flours, etc. Of course the taste of the vegetarian meat is very near to the actual meat!! but less the fat or cholesterol (maybe). You must try it!!

I almost forgot about the drink. Initially I thought it was just plain water as I understand that after eating some spicy food it's normal to drink some plain cold water. I was quite surprise that some friends gave good remarks to this plain water. Finally we found out it was actually lime juice. We can't see it but we feel it when we drink it. It just so refreshing and not so sweet, I like it!

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