Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Taiwan trip

Me and my friends had another free and easy trip to Taiwan end of March this year. The weather was still cooling and windy especially in the outskirt area. I have to admit that the country side view is very nice and soothing. The air is so cooling and fresh, the feeling is good and relaxing.

In term of food, Taiwan is famous of it's 'snack' food (means not main meals) or in Mandarin is called 'xiao chi'. I believed some of this 'xiao chi' are traditional and some are modern and fusion. Some of the 'xiao chi' which can be found in the night markets are rice noodle, onion pan cake, mochi, grilled maize, fried sausages, stinky tofus and many more. For the drink, I must recommend the pearl milk tea. You should not miss this drink as it's the best especially the pearl! The black in colour pearls with the diameter of 1 to 1.5 cm are made with some combination of flours and it taste so 'QQ' (QQ is a term used by Taiwanese to describe the elastically and crunchy texture of the food).

I have to say that most of the 'xiao chi' in Taiwan are very or extremely 'QQ' in texture and I personally think that it doesn't suit my taste. In fact we were craving for fast food after few days of eating 'QQ' stuffs including their noodles.

The most delicious meal we had in Taiwan was the Hakka (one of the chinese dialect) dishes in one of the Hakka restaurant located in 'San Yi' near the 'San Yi' wood museum. The ingredients that they used are fresh and home grown. Some of the dishes that we had were frying young green vegetables, braised pork with chinese pickles, steamed 'kampung' chicken and their soup. Our senses was truly and highly satisfied by this Hakka meal.

There is also something which I must not forget to mention - strawberries. There is a place called 'Da Hu' near 'San Yi' which is famous of strawberries plantations. We are lucky that we were there during the strawberries season. Besides fresh strawberries, there are many side products of strawberries eg. strawberries ice cream, tartlet, jam, mochi, alcohol and others.

We also came across a funny concept restaurant. Their concept is using water closet (WC) as their theme to decorate the restaurant and also serving the food.

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