Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fusion Food & Me

Fusion food or cuisine is a general term for combination of various forms of cookery (eg. Chinese, Indian, Thais, Malays, Westerns and etc). The concept can take several forms which are:
  • regional fusion that combines the cuisine of a region or sub-region into a single eating experience.
  • featuring original dishes using varieties of ingredients from various cuisines and regions and combining them.
  • uses foods with a form based on one cuisine, but prepared using ingredients and flavours
    inherent to another cuisine or cuisines.
It was 2003 when I had a total understanding on this term. I was in Hong Kong then. There were lots of contemporary fusion restaurants over this small island when I was there for more than half a year. After trying out some of those fusion foods I realised that I was a fusion person!! I meant cooking fusion person! I've been cooking those food since very young and I didn't realise that it was fusion foods! To me, is just blending all kinds of ingredients and cook your 'special' meals and I thought it was creative!!

Apparently, I need to cook since I was a 11 year old girl due to some reasons. Since then, cooking daily dinner for my family had been my second responsibility besides studying hard. I learnt how to cook meals from my parents and discovered more and more about the food textures, colours, taste, freshness, etc. To me, cooking is interesting and fun and I started to fell in love with it since then and created some 'funny' recipes after receiving some compliments from my family on my dishes. Not bad one!

During my varsity days, I have been stopped cooking for few years and I thought maybe I won't like to cook anymore. Fortunately the cooking blood is still with me and I found it along my self discovery journey and this is also the reason I started this blog.

I wish that I can share with all the visitors of this blog my experience/way of cooking by mixing and matching some of the ingredients. Everyone can do this as it can be real easy and fun too!! You will feel good especially when your loved ones are raising their thumbs up after tasting your cooking.

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